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A Beautiful Moment Of Music Composing Of GV Prakash For Vairamuthu Lines Within Minutes For Maaveera Movie Directed By V. Gouthaman

Although he directed only a few films in Tamil cinema, the popular director V. Gautama. In 1998, the super hit movie ‘Ganave Kalaiyade’ starring actor Murali and actress Simran was directed by V. Gautama. Following this, after a gap of 12 years, in 2010, he directed the film ‘Happiness’ in which actress Anjali played the lead role. After a long hiatus, director V. Gautama. To be produced by VK Production Group, the film will be produced by G.V., who will pen the lyrics of the song by Kavipperarasu Vairamuthu. Prakash. The film is titled ‘Maveera’. The details of the cast of the film are expected to be released soon.

Is this the magical moment?

Poet Vairamuthu has released a video of a beautiful moment composing the song for the film. G.V. Poet Vairamuthu at Prakash House, director V. The music director and the music director enjoy reading the lyrics of Vairamuthu in this video where Gauthaman and the trio are together. G.V. Poet Vairamuthu wrote these beautiful lyrics ‘Vanchikkodiye Vaadi – Nee Waaldha Shyamdha Thadi’ by changing the pallavis as a small correction and then GV composed and sang beautifully. These artists have melded a beautiful song in fifteen minutes. This video posted by Vairamuthu on social media is getting a lot of comments and likes. Who can beat these two wizards who turned words and mat into a magical moment in just a few minutes? Moreover, there are explanations given by the poet Vairamuthu to the word Vanchikkodi.


Poet Vairamuthu’s lyrical life is the success of his words. With the movie ‘Maveera’, he has given the screen fans who have been suffering without his lines for the last few years a new life. No controversies can stop this poet’s prowess with words.

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