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Actor Srikanth Says He Has Not Been In Touch With Actor Vijay After Nanban Movie Check Out To Know More Details


Tamil actor Srikanth has revealed some interesting facts about Vijay, Kamal and himself.

Actor Srikanth in Koffee With Love:

Koffee With Love is a complete package of love, drama and sentiment created by Sundar C. The film featured an all-star cast of actors Jeeva, Jai, Srikanth and DD. Not only that, actresses Raisa Wilson, Samyukta, Amrita Iyer and others have also played important roles. The film has been released and has been well received by the fans. Srikanth, who played one of the heroes in this, told some information about himself and the main heroes including Kamal and Vijay in an interview.


“I will ask my boy to call me brother..”

Actor Srikanth, who was a PC in the shooting and promotions of Koffee with Kadhal, recently appeared in an interview with a private media. In it, a question was raised about his film journey. To that he said, “It’s been 20 years since I came to the film industry and it seems like we are getting old when we see this. So I used to say to my son, ‘Don’t call him father, call him brother’. Even after all these days, I feel like I am acting in my first film. Only then will the performance be good. “I have learned many things like kindness, mental struggles and self-confidence in all these years of being in cinema,” he said.

Srikanth on Kamal Haasan

Srikanth was asked about actor Kamal Haasan. To that he said, “My favorite actor Kamal Haasan. He was one of the first people to come to my wedding. On his birthday he would give charity and ask me to do it. If asked why, he would reply that we should also have the desire to help others. Happy birthday to him as he celebrates his birthday on 7th November” Actor Srikanth congratulated Kamal Haasan.

“Not in touch with Vijay…”

Directed by Shankar, the film released in 2012 and was a huge hit friend. The film, starring actors Vijay, Jeeva and Vijay as friends, was a huge hit among fans. Thus, to Srikanth “Actor VijayAre you in touch with?” As the question was raised. To which he replied, “Before the film Nanban, we used to get along very well. We acted as friends in Nandaan. But now I am not in touch with him. One of the biggest bad habits I have is not keeping in touch. I am trying to develop it but I am not able to,” he said.

Own company soon?

Srikanth, who cheerfully answered the questions asked in the interview, said that he will soon start his own film production company. During this interview, Samyukta, one of the heroines of the movie Koffee with Kaadhal was also present.

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