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Bigg Boss Fame Losliya Mariyanesan Has Posted A Photo In Instagram That Goes Viral

Vijay Losliya Marianasan is an actress who is most famous for her season of TV’s Bigg Boss. This butterfly, who was introduced to us as a charming Sri Lankan Tamil speaking newsreader, has now developed into a very popular face in cinema as well. Lozlia has acted in Tamil films including Google Guttappa, Friendship, which has easily attracted Tamil fans.

Total involvement in yoga:

However, the film opportunities are few and far between and now he is fully engaged in yoga. Lozlia, who is very active on social media, regularly shares photos on social media where she bends her body like a bow and does yoga. Loslia, who is looking very thin, is currently getting into glamor and is attracting the attention of fans on the Internet by sharing photos. Although he has acted in a few films, he is still known as Lozlia of Bigg Boss fame.


Bunch speaking loslia :

In that way, Lozlia Marianasan has shared a photo on her Instagram page in which she is doing a very difficult yoga asana. He also posted a punch note for it. Don’t be afraid to be open. Actress Lozlia Marianasan has expressed her good morning by posting that nothing will fall down your brain.


Pair with Sengeni:

Malayalam actress Lijomol Jose, who garnered praise for her incredible performance in Jai Bheem’s role as Sengeni Wala, and Bigg Boss star Lozlia Marianesan are teaming up for a thriller titled “Annapoorani”.

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