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Coffee With Kadhal Review In Tamil Jiiva Jai ​​Srikanth Amritha Aiyer Starring Sundar C Directed Coffee With Kadhal Movie Review Rating | Coffee With Kadhal Review: Sundarshi’s glamor comedy template.. Success for Jeeva?


Directed by famous director Sundar C, the movie ‘Koffee With Love’ is releasing today with a huge star cast of actors Jai, Jeeva, Srikanth, Malavika Sharma, Amrita Iyer, Raisa Wilson, Aishwarya Dutta, Yogi Babu, Kingsley, Pratap Bothan. Music composer Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed the music for this film.

Gist of the story:

Jeeva, Jai and Srikanth are brothers and DD is younger sister. Srikanth’s love for his wife has waned after marriage, his mind is wandering outside. On the other hand, Jeeva, who is comfortable with a good job, is cheated by Aishwarya, who is in a live-in relationship with him.



On the other hand, Jai, who doesn’t understand the love of his friend who has been in love with him since childhood, when he learns that he is going to get married, tries to get him somehow. In case this venture fails, he also plans to marry the daughter of a landlord who needs to fulfill his dream of starting a hotel in Ooty. Meanwhile, Jeeva struggles to make love between the land owner’s daughter and the grieving Jeeva, not knowing what to do.

In the meantime, Srikanth conspires to arrange a hasty marriage for her at home and not to let Jeeva get the girl. What caused Srikanth to plot? What happened to Jai’s love?.. Is Jeeva married or not? The rest of the story of Koffee With Kadhal is the answers to such questions.

Template by Sundar Ch

Director Sundar C has followed his usual template route of glamour, song and comedy. But before you can guess if this is the story, the first half is over. Although the comedies in some of Sundarsi’s recent films were familiar, they were somewhat enjoyable. But it is completely missed in Koffee with Kadhal.

Even though the film has a star cast, we are unable to connect with any of the characters. Well, if you sit down to watch the second half to see what’s going to happen, the emotion and comedy that follows doesn’t work out at all. I had to laugh hard. Disappointment especially in Yogi Babu’s comedy disappointment. Neither the song nor the background score have Yuvan’s stamp. So all in all, Coffee with Love’s attempt to make us laugh with comedy and love has ended in failure.

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