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Harish Kalyan Wedding Venue Details And Invite Through Press Meet

Harish Kalyan, one of the youth heroes of Tamil cinema, recently announced his marriage through social media. As Harish Kalyan’s wedding is to be held on October 28, he organized a press meet through which he expressed his gratitude to all his fans.

Popularity by Bigg Boss :

Vijay Harish Kalyan, who is very popular among Tamil fans through TV’s Bigg Boss, has acted in many films. His current movie Diesel is expected to hit the theaters soon. Harish Kalyana, who played the role of Young Ladies’ Romeo, confirmed his marriage announcement on social media earlier this month. Harish Kalyan also shared a picture of himself with his fiancee. This was a bit of a shock to her fans. However, they congratulated the King of Love on his marriage.


Wedding invitation for everyone:

Harish Kalyan’s father, who attended the press meet, confirmed that it was a completely arranged marriage by his parents. In this situation, Harish Kalyan’s father has shared information about Kalyan’s marriage. It will be held at GBN Palace Wedding Hall, Tiruvekkad, Chennai. The opening hours are from 9 am to 10.30 am. He invited all the fans to this wedding ceremony and asked everyone to participate and congratulate the bride and groom. Harish also thanked the media for supporting and encouraging him so far and invited everyone for the wedding. Many fans are congratulating Harish Kalyan through social media.

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