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I Dont Want To Share The Ajith View On My Films Says Throwpathi, Ruthra Thandavam Movie Director Mohan G

Here is director Mohan Ji’s response to a question regarding actor Ajith’s views on his films.

Mohan G, who made his directorial debut in Tamil cinema with ‘Padaya Vannarappet’. Next, his films ‘Draupadi’ and ‘Rudrathandavam’ which were released under his direction created a lot of excitement and created various controversies.

Both these films featured actor Richard Rishi, brother of popular actress and Ajith’s wife Shalini, in the lead role. A good friendship developed between him and Richard through these films. At this stage, Mohanji was asked about Ajith’s view on Mohanji films.

Talking about this, Mohan ji said, “Until now, we have not used the name Ajith anywhere. We never talked about him in any interview. What is he saying about my films? We have never discussed anything including what his family’s view is on my pictures. We have never even used the identity that Richard is Ajith’s brother-in-law. Because it will go wrong. If he has seen my films then why has he seen them.. So is Ajith supporting my films? They say Even if they haven’t seen it, they will leave reviews asking why they haven’t seen it. So, I don’t want to talk about it. He is doing his job well. I am his fan,” he said.

What is the story of Pakhasuran?

The director of the film earlier talked about the kind of plot of ‘Bahasuran’
While Mohan ji was speaking, “ ‘Bagasooran’ movie is about women who work in massage, spa etc. across Tamil Nadu, how do they get into that business? It is focused on. There are many true incidents in this,” he said.

Selvaraghavan is one of the leading directors of the Tamil film industry. Selvaraghavan, who played the lead role in ‘Beast’, gave a menacing performance in ‘Sanikayaitham’. In this situation, Selvaraghavan was signed to act in ‘Bahasuran’ directed by director Mohanji. Selvaraghavan also released the first look of the film on his Twitter page. After that the teaser of the film was released.

While the teaser was released and received mixed reviews, director Mohanji took to his Twitter page to announce that a song from the film will be released. After that, ‘Shiva Sivayam’ was released as the first song from the film ‘Bagasooran’ and received a great response. After that, it was announced that the second song from the film, ‘Kathamma’, will be released today. Accordingly, Gathamma song has been released now. Popular actor Mansoor Ali Khan has danced in this song which has been released as a punch song

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