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In The Kamal Haasan Bigg Boss House Dhanalakshmi Bigg Boss Pushed Sherina And The Netizens Have Been Posting Comments Trolling The Issue

In the Bigg Supervisor house, Dhanalakshmi pushed Sherina and the netizens have been posting remarks savaging the academic.

Vijay The sixth time of television’s well known show Bigg Manager began last October 9. These incorporate GP Muthu, Vocalist Asal Kolar, Robert Expert, Transsexual Shivin Ganesan, Shanthi Aravind, Chronic Entertainer Mohammad Azim, Sequential Entertainer Ayesha, Sherin Joke, Manikanda Rajesh, Saravanan Meenakshi Rakshitha, Smash Ramasamy, Artist Dinesh Kanakaratnam, VJ Maheshwari, Amudavanan, artist Manichandra, VJ Kathiravan, entertainer Quincy, Singaporean model Niwasini, TikTok big name Thanalakshmi, Vishika state representative Vikraman and Maina Nandini have taken an interest.

Bigg Supervisor show typically goes flawlessly in the good ‘ol days and later days are dubious. In any case, this time with a slight change, Bigg Supervisor has turned into the space of debate right all along. Asim Ayesha’s battle transformed into a climactic battle in the Bigg Supervisor show where little battles and gratings were happening every once in a while. Thanaletsumi-Sherina Tollumullu is turning into the following episode in the Bigg Supervisor house in that line.

Sherina and Niva self-destruct in the toy task. In this, Sherina was hit on the rear of the head. Seeing this, Asim hollered at Thanalakshmi angrily, Bigg Manager expressed ‘beware of the camera’ rubbish. After this Asim gave over Sherina to the clinical group, do you have any information? You are likewise a young lady.. he seethed at Thanalakshmi, yet she gave no response to that.

As expected Kamal sir will come and gripe about the episode, I’m requesting a short film. On the off chance that not, this multitude of individuals ought to apologize to me, he got up in a fury. In this present circumstance, netizens are sharing recordings to savage this occurrence.

Zeroing in on savaging social netizens

In this occurrence, netizens are sharing recordings saying that Thanalakshmi gave a befitting answer to Sherina who said to begin the game with the Janani toy in her grasp and that Thanalakshmi played the game eminently.

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