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Kantara on Puneeth Rajkumar: Kantara Puneeth Rajkumar should make a film.. Rishabh Shetty spoke excitedly in the interview!


‘Gandhara’ The film’s director and actor Rishabh Shetty has said that the film was originally a story told to Puneethrajkumar.  

Hombale Films’ latest release follows KGF, KGF  2. “Gandhara”. Directed by Rishabh Shetty, the film starred Kishore, Saptami Gowda and others.  ‘Gandhara’, which was released in Kannada on 30th September last in competition with Ponni’s Selvan. It was a huge success there. The film’s impact there made people from other languages ​​interested in watching the film. Accordingly  ‘Gandhara’ Dubbed in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi, the film released on October 15.  ‘Gandhara’ The film was a huge success and collected more than 100 crores.


Rishabh Shetty’s performance in particular was celebrated by everyone. Also, many people commented that the film, which focused on the land problem of the tribal people and the farmers, accurately shows the land politics between the 3 people, the government administration, the land owners and the tribal people. Similarly, the film was praised by many celebrities including actors Karthi, Dhanush, Prithviraj. After that, actor Rajinikanth praised Rishabh Shetty on Twitter and congratulated him in person. At this stage Rishabh Shetty has shared an interesting information about this film.

When he talks about this, “ Everything happened in the blink of an eye. I told Puneethrajkumar   ‘Gandhara’ After telling the story of the film, he became very excited. He always wanted to do different stories. However, due to his subsequent projects, he was unable to act in Gandhara. At one point he called me and said I am not acting.. you start the film. If I wait for him, I may not be able to make this film within this year  said”  He spoke.


Also, two days before Puneethrajkumar’s death,  I met him while attending the promotion event of Bajrangi 2. Puneeth who spoke to me then asked me not to compromise in making the film. Then I showed him some pictures related to the shoot. He said he was very happy to see it. He also encouraged that he is excited to watch the film. He has spoken.


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