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Might Want To Meet Vijay And Offer A Conversation starter: Sonia Agarwal

Entertainer Sonia Aggarwal said that assuming I see entertainer Vijay, I will pose this inquiry.

Entertainer Sonia Aggarwal made her presentation in the Tamil entertainment world through Selvaraghavan’s ‘Kadhal Konden’. Subsequent to turning into a holy messenger of the adolescent in the main film, he acted in many movies including Silambarasan’s ‘Koil’, ‘7G Rainbow Settlement’ and ‘Puthuppettai’ with Selva. In the mean time, Sonia experienced passionate feelings for chief Selvaragavan and wedded him in 2006.

However, as the conflict between them expanded, she separated from him in 2010 and is living alone.

Entertainer Sonia Aggarwal has acted in many hit movies of Tamil film, in spite of the fact that she has just acted in few movies. His movies Kadhal Konden, Kovil, Mathura, 7G Rainbow Kalani, Thirutuppayale were generally welcomed. She has acted inverse entertainer Vijay in the film Madhura.

In a meeting about acting with Vijay, she said, “I generally had an on-screen pulverize on entertainer Vijay. In any event, whenever I had the opportunity to act with him, I never let him know that. Vijay is in every case calm and doesn’t talk a lot. Despite the fact that I didn’t converse with him much at the outset, later I had an opportunity to converse with him intently,” he had said in a meeting.

In a new meeting, Sonia Agarwal was asked which VIP might you want to converse with and what inquiry might you want to pose? Sonia Aggarwal answered, “I have a many individuals on my list of things to get. Yet, for the time being Vijay I need to converse with you. He is an entertainer. Surrounding him are enchanted occasions. “How can that sorcery be for you?” he said.

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