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Nayanthara Vignesh Shivan Twins Rules Have Not Been Violated TN Health Department Statement | Nayanthara Vignesh Shivan Twins: Nayan

Nayanthara-Vignesh Sivan couple and surrogate mother have given birth to children as per ICMR guidelines for age, health department has issued a report.

The health department has conducted an inquiry into the hospital management regarding the complaint of irregularities in the delivery of children by surrogate mothers.

According to the inquiry, “Nayanthara-Vignesh Shivan couple and surrogate mother have given birth to children as per the ICMR guidelines of age. ICMR According to the guidelines, the surrogate mother is of eligible age, married and has a living child.

“A registration certificate has been submitted to Nayantara-Vignesh Sivan couple on March 11, 2016,” the health department said in a statement.

Full report released by the Department of Health:

A popular film actress in Chennai has given birth to twins through a surrogate mother, according to reports on social media. It has been reported that the couple had a baby after only four months of marriage. Following this news, a high-level inquiry committee was set up on 13.10.2022 by the Director, Medical and Rural Welfare.

Investigation revealed that the couple had obtained artificial insemination technology from a children’s hospital through a private surrogate in Chennai. A direct inquiry was also conducted by the team at the hospital and the treating doctor and the doctors who treated the surrogate during delivery. Also the following study notes are reported in the investigation related to vaccination.

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    • In this investigation, the age of the intending couple and the surrogate mother. It was learned that the artificial insemination technology was carried out as per the guidelines of the Indian Institute of Medical and Surrogacy Research (ICMR).


    • The inquiry also revealed that she was of eligible age for a surrogate as per Section 3.10.5 of the ICMR Guidelines. Investigation revealed that he was married and had one child alive.


    • A registration certificate was submitted by the hospital stating that the Intending Couple was married on 11.03.2016. The authenticity of the marriage registration certificate is verified by the registration department.


    • The couple has been referred to the Commission on Surrogacy as per Section 3.16.2 of the ICMR Guidelines.


In this investigation, the team found the following deficiencies in the private hospital.

    • According to the ICMR guidelines, the hospital should keep proper records of the treatment given to the couple and the medical condition of the surrogate mother. But the documents regarding this are not properly maintained in the hospital.


Therefore, a notice has been sent as to why the artificial insemination center of the private hospital not properly following the above guidelines should not be temporarily closed.

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