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Pan Indian Director Rajamouli Latest Interview On RRR Movie Success | Rajamouli: This is the reason for RRR’s huge success!


Director S.S. Rajamelali has said that the reason for the success of the RRR movie is the unbiased heroism.

Director SS Rajamelali has traveled all over the world for the promotion work of RRR. Although the film was a huge hit at the international box office, the work related to its promotion is still going on today.

The film was well received by the Indian audience. Also, RRR attracted the attention of many people in the world by crossing many barriers like language and culture. In this situation, Rajamelali, the director of RRR film, has said that impartial heroism is the reason for the success of RRR film.


Talking about this in a recent interview, Rajamelali said, “There are many people all over the world who are native to India. I know the film will be a hit where Indian people are. But the reception of the film among foreigners surprised me. I didn’t expect this at all. I think the reason for the success of this film is the unbiased action sequences and unbiased heroism of RRR. I would definitely say that this is the reason for the film’s phenomenal success.” He spoke.


On the one hand, this film has been well received by the people and is competing for many awards. Currently, ‘RRR’ has won the Best International Film Award at the 50th Saturn Awards. The film, released worldwide, was released in Japan last week. It is worth noting that RRR is struggling in terms of collection there as well.

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