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Sunny leone Oh My Ghost: GP Muthu gave Balkova gift to Sunny Leone… this is the reason!


Sunny Leone, who is known by all as a sexy actress, is currently acting as PC in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam films. In that way,  ‘Vadakari’ Having danced for a song in the film, she is now a full-time female lead in VAU Media Entertainment and White Horse Studio’s production directed by R. Yuvan,  ‘Oh My Ghost’ He has made his debut in the film.


In this film composed by Javid Riaz, the actors  Satish, Yogi Babu, Darsha Gupta, Ramesh Tilak, Ravi Maria, Mottai Rajendran, GP Muthu and many others have acted. Made as a horror comedy film  ‘Oh My Ghost’ The film’s music release  The ceremony took place last evening at the Trade Center in Nantambakkam, Chennai. All the crew participated in this.

SunniLeon took the stage to speak. Then GP Muthu was also staged.  Speaking to Sunillion, GP Muthu said  “  I am very happy to see you. Looking at your photo, I gave you a sweet. That’s Palcoa. Balkoa is a big deal in Tamil Nadu. I gave it to you. He said you are as beautiful as Balkova. At that time the people in the arena cheered, GB Muthu who got up said, I will tell you what people are thinking. Sunnylion continued to feed GB Pearl Palcoa to Sunilion, and Sunilion also fed Balcoa to GB Pearl.

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