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Varun Dhawan Opens Up About His Sufferings With Vestibular Hypofunction

Varun Dhawan, who was suffering from Vestibular Hypofunction, has spoken openly about his physical condition.

Varun Dhawan, a leading actor in Bollywood, was recently suffering from vestibular hypofunction. He has opened up about the infection he experienced. Currently, he is busy promoting his film ‘Bediya’. With this film, Varun Dhawan is reuniting with Kriti Sanon after Dilwale.


Varun Dhawan spoke openly:

Varun has said that his physical condition has taken a turn for the worse as he has gone over the limit after the corona virus period and revealed his full commitment to the shooting of Raj Mehta’s ‘Jagjak Jeo’.

He added, “I didn’t know what had happened to me at that time. I was suffering from vestibular hypofunction. When an impairment occurs, it impairs our balance. So I tried to push myself even harder than before.

No one is going to hear about me running the race of life. However I feel there is a reason for this. I’m trying to figure out what it is. I hope people will find out what their purpose is,” said Varun Dhawan.


What is vestibular hypofunction?

Vestibular hypofunction is the connection between the ears and the brain. This is what keeps you balanced when you get out of bed or walk on hard ground. This is called vestibular. A vestibular disorder can occur if a disease or injury damages the region. This can cause dizziness and balance problems. This itself is a common symptom of vestibular disorder. This can cause your hearing and vision to deteriorate.


Badia to release on November 25:

Varun Dhawan is currently starring in the horror-comedy film Bediya directed by Amar Kaushik. Recently, the trailer of the film was released and it has been well received by the fans. It has been reported that the film, which is being heavily promoted, will hit the theaters on November 25. Varun Dhawan is also acting in the film “Bawal” directed by director Nitesh Tiwari. The film is expected to hit the theaters in April next year.

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