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Vikramaadhithan Bandha Pasam Muthu Mandapam Movies Released On Diwali Day 1962


1962 when India-China war was going on. With weapons and bombs detonating on the line, numerous regions were planning to observe Diwali on October 28 of that very year. Vidindal Diwali is when there is no deficiency of screen frenzy. Significant films featuring superstars like MGR and Shivaji were delivered. It can likewise be said that the movies delivered during the rushed period made a sort of satisfaction among individuals rather than dread.

With or without this, when the conflict was at its pinnacle, then, at that point, Head of the state Nehru requested alleviation. Around then, MGR reported that he would give Rs.75 thousand. Around then it merited a few crores. Diwali discharge films were delivered in 1962 amidst all the promotion. Here is a glance at them…


A film featuring MGR-Padmini. Coordinated by DR Raghunath and NS Ramadoss. Delivered by Mama Ethirajulu Naidu and V. Namachivayam of Jayabharathi Creations with music made by S. Rajeswararao. A film delivered for MGR fans on the event of Diwali. They would have shown MGR in the manner his fans would have loved, be it regal dress, sword employing, great looks. This is one of only a handful of exceptional movies that MGR featured with Padmini. One might say that MGR’s fan-satisfying film has kept up with its presence in the Diwali discharge.

Bond warmth:

When MGR’s film is delivered, how could Sivaji’s film not be delivered there? Indeed, in the 1962 Diwali race, Shivaji’s Bandhapasam gone up against MGR’s Vikramathithan. On one side, MGR was swinging a blade, then again, Shivaji was directing an energy battle. Created by Periannan Shanti Blims and coordinated by A. Bheemsingh, who is hailed as Pitamagan chief, Bandhapasam was delivered that day.

Viswanathan-Ramamurthy’s music was all listenable. Aside from that, Devika, Savitri, Chandrakanta and numerous others acted with Shivaji. It remained in contest as a family film. Bandhapasam gave Shivaji what his fans would anticipate from him.

Pearl Corridor:

In any time, there are entertainers who are upheld to contend with, or equivalent to, the geniuses. Also, SS Rajendran was an aggressive entertainer during the MGR-Shivaji period too. How Vijayakanth, Sathyaraj, Prabhu, Bhagyaraj delivered films when Rajini-Kamal films delivered, Ajith-Vijay During the movies Vikram, Surya’s movies were delivered. SSR rocks the bar in all class films. This time he dropped Muthumandapam. A story with a rustic foundation. Fulfilled those for him. Muthumandapam additionally kept up with its presence in the Diwali race. In this film Vijayakumari went about as the courageous woman with him. SAS KG Radhamanalan composed the story for this movie coordinated by Sami. KV Mahadevan’s music was the sort of paying attention to the tunes.

This large number of three movies, delivered in 1962 as a three-starrer, enchanted people in general.

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