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Where do you think technology will be by 2050 ?


The AI what we see today all around us in the form of Google Maps, Siri, Cortana, Facebook etc are in their infancy stage.

The time is about to come when AI/Machine learning would be the leading technology impacting in every sphere of life.

By the end of 2050, our homes, offices, streets, towns, cities, hospitals, schools, vehicles etc would be equipped with advanced automation, all connected over the cloud communicating with peer devices, computing huge data for analytics and converting into meaningful information for humans.

Examples –

  1. You are looking for a School for your 5-year-old child. Your AI assistant would build the algorithm based on your current location, health and activity data of your child, your spouse and yours, learning abilities assessment done for your child in the past 5 years, calculation of commute time and many other factors which can be captured over a period of time from various devices; would give you the best option for your child’s future.

  2. You are a health enthusiast but you don’t know about a growing ailment in your body. Your AI assistant would be keeping an eye on all your activities, your sleep cycle, your food intake, your workplace data, your health-related records and give you advanced warning much before the symptoms of ailment show up.

  3. Our cities/towns would be SMART. The Power/Water/Waste requirements will be set by the government for every city. Our cities would manage these requirements on their own without human intervention. In modern time we would see controlling of our household devices remotely by AI over a neural network.

  4. Humans won’t be driving any cars, trains, or flying planes. There would be unmanned vehicles everywhere.

Artificial Intelligence would grow and evolve along with us and assist in better and faster decision making.

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